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Difference between the miniature cooling-water machine and traditional refrigerator & air conditioner


From the angle of complexity of the system:
Excepting for casing, there is only a set of compressor refrigerating system to the refrigerator (its control is the simple temperature control switch, and there is no complex circuit board system).
Excepting for a set of compressor refrigerating system, it is the simple singlechip control and remote control technology for air conditioner.
Besides a set of compressor system, our miniature cooling-water machine further includes the water circulation system containing water pump and filter, complex frequency converting-controlled control algorithm.
Common problem:
There is only a set of compressor system to refrigerator, and furthermore, it belongs to low-pressure condition (operating temperature of refrigerator is lower, so internal pressure of the pipeline is smaller), therefore, the possibility of leakage is very small, and it is not easy to go wrong least.
Besides refrigerating system, there is further a control system to air conditioner, refrigerating system refrigerator belongs to medium pressure condition (outlet air temperature of air conditioner is higher than the temperature of refrigerator), in addition, there is horn mouth for butt joint of air conditioning system, so, it needs to fill refrigerating fluid for once every several years (same as the air conditioning of cars), and additionally, fault is caused by the remote control of circuit.
Besides refrigerating system, there is further circulating water system and complex frequency conversion controlling system to the cooling-water machine, so, the possible problems are leakage of refrigeration medium, leakage of circulating water, water pump fault, controller fault and the like.
The speed exposed from refrigeration abnormality:
If minor leakage exists in refrigerator, air conditioner and miniature cooling-water machine system at the same time, e.g., same refrigerating fluid will be leaked for 20g/year. What is the result:
Refrigerator: if the initial charge quantity is 150g and after the leakage every year, the refrigerating system performance of the refrigerator would drop, originally, the compressor can work 10min and stop 20min, and now, it works 10min and stops 15min, which shows more power consumption instead of no refrigeration. But our household common people will not feel refrigeration effect becoming poor, for such kind of leakage, you might feel refrigeration becoming poor after 3-5 years.
Air conditioning: generally, the initial filling refrigerating fluid will be up to 1000g or more, same leakage is very little, it losses more refrigerating fluid only while dismantling air conditioner. On the other hand, the lack of refrigerating fluid on a certain extent will be not perceived by users, as the outlet air is cold and there is only more power consumption relatively. And in summer, it is rather difficult for users to evaluate electricity consumption.
Cooling-water machine: generally, the refrigerating fluid charge quantity of our miniature cooling-water machine will be less than 100g, if initial refrigerating capacity is 450w and after leaking 20g one year later, refrigerating capacity might be 400W, and after the second year, there is 20g leakage, the refrigerating capacity would be only 300w, at this time, you will find insufficient cooling capacity and the rise of water temperature, and problems are immediately revealed.
Conclusion: miniature cooling-water machine is relatively expensive, same leakage problem will be exposed by the cooling-water machine system, especially for miniature cooling-water machine very soon, and while the problem will be exposed by refrigerator and air conditioner for a long time.
Miniature cooling-water machine will suffer the problem which does not exist in air conditioner and refrigerator:
It has been specified in the above text that besides refrigerating system, there are further water pump and water circulation system to the miniature cooling-water machine. The lift of the water pump of our water circulation system is at least 11M (more than an atmospheric pressure) or more, there are further high-drag filter and laser head runner in numerous water circulation systems, which will cause that water pipeline bears more pressure, and long-term load of these pressure will extremely likely result in the leakage of water. Similarly, there are a lot of water inlets/outlets and sensor detection mouths in the water tank, including liquid level, temperature, water inlet/outlet, air hole, etc., when temperature changes, different textures of water tank, joint and the like have different dilatation coefficients due to thermal expansion, which will cause small leaking gap in the smooth area of the joint. Customers will think that there is something wrong with the whole water-cooling machine once there occurs very tiny water leakage.
Our improvement on the miniature cooling-water machine system:
Our improvement on the miniature cooling-water machine system:
We will abandon the linking ways of horn mouth on the air conditioner (the reason why the air conditioner cannot be improved lies in the linking problem of indoor unit and outdoor unit) and will take the way of direct copper pipe welding, and at the same time, high pressure is taken for pressure maintaining to greatly reduce the risk of leakage;
Copper pipe is not used as heat exchanger in laser system, in order to avoid the way of horn mouth, we take 316 stainless steel materials to specially produce efficient plate type heat exchanger, and copper-stainless steel reinforced weld is taken in the joint part, so as to make copper material not touching water while ensuring no leakage;
Once-shaping water tank is taken, and at the same time, imported silicone pad is taken at the joint part of water tank and sensors, if necessary, it needs to additionally fill waterproof glue to ensure no leakage of water line.

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